NeuroPlacid Psychotherapy and Coaching

Life isn’t perfect, never has been and never will be. Sometimes it’s very terrifying and sometimes it’s absolutely marvelous. But appreciating life as it happens needs some good skills. We all have struggles, but eliminating the hindrance that keep us from being positive, thriving and happy requires a lot of work and a group of dedicated people within our support system.  Let’s be real and not just focus on  positive aspects of life.  The whole universe is full of light and darkness. When your life is turned upside down and you don't know how to carry on, your biggest question is "who will be there to support me"! Keeping your life balanced needs a well balanced mind, and a strong heart. We need some encouragements to accomplish our goals. When we struggle to overcome the most difficult times of the darkest days of our life, we need compassion and caring hands, we need someone with empathy and understanding to guide us pass through barriers and obstacles. We need someone so we can trust without having a fear of being judged.

My theoretical perspective is holistic and I enjoy incorporating different approaches and techniques to each therapy session tailored into the specific needs of my clients including life-coaching, proper diet, exercise, spiritual contentedness, career-coaching, goal-settings and good social support. At our center I offer individual, couples and group therapy for adults and children.

I am thrilled to be part of the new phase of your life and help you bring changes to your journey. My biggest joy is working with diverse clients from all walk of life. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Contact Info:

Call or Email Bahar Javadi for a phone consultation now at (301) 299-2921



If you provide information that informs me that you are in danger of harming yourself or others

where you sign a release to have specific information shared with your insurance company to process your claims.

If you are in treatment with another clinician, such as a physician who is monitoring medication, I will ask for your permission to speak with him or her so as to facilitate optimal treatment. In rare situations, Licensed Professional Counselors can be ordered by a judge to share client's records.